Why Your Ecommerce Website Needs a Blog

Ecommerce Website Needs

If you want traffic on your ecommerce website then the best way to do that is to start a blog. Most business owners overlook this aspect of the online store since they only associate sales lead with direct sales. Even though managing inventory, handling the email list and advertising should also be prioritized but they will only stretch the sales to a certain point. Beyond that you need to explore alternate techniques to attract more customers.

Blogging is one way to build an audience and generate sales for the business. You should not treat the blog as a luxury and it is even present in the template for most ecommerce platforms.

Blogging Attracts Traffic

Blog posts improve the SEO ranking of the business hence sending more visitors to the ecommerce website. It provides an ecommerce platform to tell your story and give a behind the scenes view to customers. It helps consumers engage with the company through traditional media. The blog content can also be repurposed by news websites providing you with more media coverage. Content marketing is all about creative blog posts that add value to the product. Some examples can be tutorials on how to use the product or an in-depth analysis with the benefits of the services being offered or even a post about new promotions or contests coming up.

Blogging Improves Search Engine Ranking

If the audience on your ecommerce website is limited then you might feel that there is no point in curating a blog. However, that is far from the truth. Blogging will make more people visit the site and the readers will increase themselves. Regularly posting blogs helps improve the SEO of the website especially if you are posting relevant and creative content. It adds more pages to the website and therefore increases the internal links on the blog. It also lets the search engine know your website was updated and has fresh content.

External links are even more beneficial in terms of SEO as compared to internal links. This means the article has been shared and it has redirected users from social media websites. This improves the ranking of the page in the search engine’s eyes. It is easier to have interesting content shared by others. The more links that redirect to your website, the higher your ranking will climb in the search engine.



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