4 E-commerce Websites Myths Debunked

The online space is laden with advice on how to build and run e-commerce platforms successfully. While most information is useful, some are outrightly misleading. In fact, the internet is littered with bad advice about creating and running e-commerce stores that most first-time e-commerce merchants have failed spectacularly trying to implement them. –Read more on how to properly build your e-commerce website-.

We’ve also taken the time to debunk some myths that surround e-commerce website development to ensure you don’t become an e-commerce failure statistic, other :

Most e-commerce website owners swear by the adage, ‘’ build it, and they will come.’’

Your web designer may overwhelm you with advice on how to build an outstanding e-commerce platform and assure you that it will start minting money once it’s up and running. They will tell you that if you build, they will surely come. That’s a good adage to keep. Sadly, just an elegant e-commerce website will not make it happen in today’s cutthroat competitive marketplace. The success of your e-commerce website today hinges on many factors, with the main ones being quality product offer and optimal customer experience. Optimal customer experience is built upon properly designed and elegant e-commerce solutions. Other aspects that are needed to make an e-commerce website pop include interactive customer support, easy site navigation, efficient checkout processes, order fulfillment, return policies and complain handling. From these, you can see that the success of an e-commerce store depends on synchronization of many different factors.



Don’t provide buyers with overwhelming information on your e-commerce platforms

This is not entirely true. While you should desist from overwhelming buyers with information, you should aim to provide comprehensive information about products and services. The truth is; customer buying decisions rely on information gathering. This means that the more information you provide your customers with, the more they are likely to buy. However, more information doesn’t mean filling up your product descriptions with unnecessary words and information that only result in confusion. Customers hate reading large blocks of text. Make sure you describe your products comprehensively using qualitative words. You can cut down on the text by incorporating more audios, videos, and images.

Security badges on e-commerce websites inspire great confidence

Security is one major aspect customers take seriously when shopping online. And with cases of identity theft and credit card information theft, customers have become paranoid. As a result, they want to see guarantees before they enter their credit card information on any e-commerce platform. Some merchants only display MacAfee or VeriSign badge and assume that customers will trust their sites. Today’s savvy customers won’t trust a security badge alone. They will check out your sites URL to see if it has a lock sign and an https extension. These two are guarantors that your website is secure. Not only that, they will want to get written guarantees that your e-commerce website is duly certified by relevant security bodies..


Cross-selling will work just fine on your e-commerce platforms

Cross-selling is the act of encouraging customers to buy related or complementary products. If you stumble into a retail store today, it’s a guarantee that you’ll be exposed to cross-selling. Cross-selling is adapted to brick-and-motor stores, but not online stores. Some e-commerce website owners try to mimic Amazon’s cross-selling model at every stage of the customers’ buying process. Other e-commerce store owners even try to cross-sell completely unrelated products on the check out stage. This can affect customer’s experience on your site, as customers don’t want to be distracted during their buying process. Try to keep cross-selling activities from the checkout stage, as this may increase shopping cart abandonment.

Setting up an e-commerce website is easy because you can hire an elite web designer to do it for you. However, getting it off the ground and scaling it is another matter. There are just so many things at play; which is why you should never swear by the myths highlighted above.


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